Why Hire a Cleaner?

That should be a super easy question for anyone to answer. Cleaning is actually the one task that takes up most of a person’s time while they are at home. Or, at least it should be. Some people are quite messy. If you are one of those people, pay particularly close attention: You do not have to be messy! Honestly, if you would like a challenge, try coming up with ways that a professional, residential cleaning company is not beneficial. That is something you could make a game out of. But, for those who have doubts or are misinformed about honest cleaning companies, please, allow me to enlighten you on the wonderous benefits of hiring a cleaning company to do all your dirty work for you. (Not that kind of dirty work though)


Who has time anymore? You are one of the billions of people on the planet that just do not have enough time to get everything done in a day. Working 9-5? Not likely. Over 90% of people report that when they come home from a hard day’s work, there is even more work to be done at home. Of course, there is. Those chip crumbs, dog hair, and mud are not going to clean themselves up! If you have reservations about hiring a cleaning company, which you absolutely should not, but I want you to do something that I truly believe will change your mind:

  1. Make some sort of chart or report of how much time you spend cleaning. Add up all the hours it takes you to properly clean your home. Make sure to include every single second on that sheet.
  2. Once you figure up the total, you now should figure out how much that time is worth to you. If you work from home, that time is money flying out the window. If you have a poor quality of life because there is just so much to do, but not enough time to do it, and you spend every waking hour working and cleaning, then that time is worth quite a bit. Is your family suffering because you have no time for other things? Time is the most precious thing in life, because we cannot change it, take it back, or manipulate it in any way. But, you can work with it by changing your lifestyle and choices. Put a monetary number on your time sheet.
  3. Make a similar list aside from the time tracking sheet you made of all the things you would like to be doing instead of cleaning. Could you be making more money doing something else? Could you be spending time with your family? Could you be travelling? Could you be finishing all those projects that you have started and honestly had no intention of finishing? For me, even getting the time to take the family dog to the dog park to sniff hieneys is worth hiring a cleaning company. Take all the items on that sheet and put a monetary value on them. What are they worth to you? What would you pay to do that thing you do not have time for?
  4. You now should have 2 totals, one monetary value for the time you are wasting cleaning, and the other is the value of the activities and other things you would like to do but cannot because of time constraints. Add those values together. The total of those two values are what you are losing by cleaning your own home. The number may surprise you.
  5. Do not be alarmed. It is probably a big number, but this is where you become enlightened. Get a quote from a residential cleaning company. Talk to them about their services and packages, figure out what you need and want, and what is affordable, and keep that number handy.
  6. Take the price of the quote from the best cleaning company in your area, ahem – Turnkey Cleaners – ahem, excuse me, and compare that number to the total values of your time and missed opportunities to actually enjoy your life.
  7. Become enlightened and find out that hiring a residential cleaner is not only affordable, but you will actually save money and gain an immense amount of time to do whatever you want to do. They pay for themselves people. They pay for themselves!


Final Thoughts

It is honestly silly to not hire a cleaning company if you have a true need for a clean home and a busy lifestyle. If you spend a good amount of time cleaning your home every day, then call us to get a quote. We know how to clean. By show of hands, how many of you have actually swept stuff under the rug because you did not want to deal with it at the moment? All of you. I figured. We clean everything. We clean under that poor rug that looks more like a carpeted mountain because of all the dirt under it. We use commercial grade, safe cleaning solutions to ensure your home is sanitary.